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Job Posting

University of Colorado | CU Denver 
College of Arts & Media | Film & Television Department 
Assistant Professor (TT) - Focus on Directing and Production 
Position #658284 | CU Careers # 23510 


The University of Colorado Denver seeks individuals with demonstrated commitment to creating an inclusive learning and working environment. We value the ability to engage effectively with students, faculty and staff of diverse backgrounds. 

The Film & Television Department has an opening Tenure-Track Assistant Professor (unclassified) position. The incumbent will be accountable for teaching courses related to directing, production and post-production, or related courses and will need to possess the ability to teach undergraduate courses, engage in research, creative work, and service. The continuance of this appointment will be based on performance, budget, and enrollment numbers. 


Department/Program Summary: 
Through the Film & Television Department, your passion becomes an opportunity. A hands-on opportunity to write the script, edit the film, create image and sound, and tell the story. Under the guidance of catalyzing industry professionals, students work on a variety of projects, including short films, web series', documentaries, digital effects, and TV studio productions. The cohort model of the program builds strong relationships and allows students to work as a team that emulates real-world film & television production. Lasting friendships and strong mentorship build a lifetime of networking and opportunity. 

Examples of Work Performed: 

  • Teach courses in any of the following topics: Directing, Production, Editing, and others that embrace interdisciplinarity between film & television, audio, motion graphics, and video game production, 

  • Teach undergraduate courses, as assigned and needed

  • Teach 15 credit hours per academic year, starting in Fall 2022 (August) 

  • All other duties and projects as requested 


  • Engage students in research and creative practice that integrates both theory and practice within the realm of Film & Television production 


  • Engage in and contribute to the function and operations of the department, as defined by the department chair 

  • Work with the broader community in representing the university, department, and students 


  • This position will be attuned to CU Denver Strategic Plan 2030 by embracing and advancing equity through research, creative work, and teaching to actively support minoritized people and historically marginalized identities in order to reduce bias and create and sustain equity; and redefining success through a lens of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion to unlock the potential for everyone to succeed. 

  • All other duties and projects as requested 

Response to Posting

            I started with a dream filled with magic and inspiration. The stories that I experienced filled me with passion and drive. I am a storyteller in every sense of the word. Through images, video, and text, I spread that magic and inspiration around to others. 

            My career started as a filmmaker. I had the opportunity to work with some big companies but found myself wanting to create my own stories. I launched my business, Risk It Productions, LLC in 2016 so I could take control of the stories I wanted to tell. As a small business, I started by doing it all – producing, directing, editing, etc. I have experience (both with companies and on my own) in every level of production from development through post-production. I have also had a desire to teach and help others like my mentors did with me. Additionally, I thrive on learning and wanted to build my knowledge about the ins and outs of media and communication. Thus, I began working on my PhD at Texas Tech University.

            The Assistant Professor – Focus on Directing and Production role at University of Colorado is a great fit for me because of my past experiences and zest to educate others. I firmly believe that in media production, it is just as important to have field experience as it is education. Therefore, I would incorporate my field experience into my courses so that the students can get a full background on the film and television industry. These lessons are imperative to succeed.

            Additionally, my research on narrative transportation and retrospective imaginative involvement plays a big role in film production. These research interests will be furthered with additional studies that can engage and incorporate my own students as their interests lie in film and television production. Furthermore, my research will drive the media community as it can further the film industry.