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Below you will find my average evaluation scores and selected student comments. If you would like access to a specific course's full report,

please contact me by e-mail.

Average Evaluation Scores (out of 5)


Instructor followed course objectives.


Course a valuable learning experience.


Overall Instructor effectiveness.

Student Comments

"I loved having Kristi as a teacher! You can tell she really knows what she is talking to and made a huge impression on me in such a short time period. She was willing to explain things to my twice and make sure I grasped what we were learning. Absolutely one of my favorite teachers this year... she made an 8am a little less hard."

"Kristi was an amazing instructor. I really felt like she cared about what she was teaching us. Her lessons were easy to follow and broken down in a good manner."

"Professor Gatto is an amazing individual who often provided clear instructions and 

assistance. Furthermore, outside of classwork she would often provide great input on personal projects and shared her vast wealth of knowledge of the production and post-production industry."

"Fun and a course that gives hands on experience! Gatto was a great instructor and made lecture days 'not-so-boring' - along with that, she was very understanding and

gave strong / helpful feedback towards our projects."

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