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Teaching Philosophy

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” This quote follows me throughout my life. I am a dreamer but most importantly, I choose to inspire dreams in others.  Throughout my academic and professional career thus far, I have had the opportunity to meet with other ‘dreamers’ and learn from them. However, there have been times when I felt stuck because of a lack of motivation and opposing statements from others. 

The filmmaking and media studies fields are both fulfilling and tumultuous. A lot of people believe that film school is not necessary to dive into these fields. Nonetheless, as a fan of education, I decided to head to graduate school for filmmaking while working in the field. It is there I met faculty members who would shape the way I saw the filmmaking world. These same faculty members would encourage me to follow my dreams while teaching me how. I embraced their motivating nature and it set me on the path I am today. I choose to value real world experiences and education. 

Through my teaching, I choose to follow a similar route as my own professors by fostering growth through encouragement and hands on experience. I believe students learn more in an environment that they feel comfortable in. Additionally, a classroom with a teacher who is confident in their craft is important in instilling self-confidence in the students. I plan to express this through my teaching by allowing the students to inquire about filmmaking experiences of mine outside of the classroom as it is imperative in this field of study. I will guide them with my successes and impart my failures as it is a testament of the filmmaking industry. Not many dreamers succeed on their first try and I will exemplify to my students that there is nothing wrong in failing so long as you try again. Finally, I will incorporate the interests and background of my students into my lessons by allowing them to share this information at the beginning of the semester. In turn, I will add my experience in these fields to fulfill their dreams.