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Research Agenda

Kristi researches elements of immersion and narrative engagement within the Disney brand including in regard to Disney magic and theme park design. Additionally, she is interested in analyzing differences between generations with nostalgia as a key factor.


Book Chapters

Gatto, K. (2024). Ducks Fly Together: A Look at Disney+ as a Facilitator of Nostalgia and Transportation. In Perlich, J. & Whitt, D. (Eds.) Disney Plus or Minus. McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers.

Gatto K. & Chambless, C. (In progress) Know Who You Are: A Family Systems Theory Approach to the Grandparent Family Dynamic in Disney’s Moana. In Thomas, B. (Ed.) Representations of Parenting and Parenthood in Disney-Animated Films. Lexington Books.

Manuscripts Under Review

Gatto, K. Not So Happily Ever After: A Thematic Analysis of Tweets from the Premiere of Disney’s Enchantment. Journal of Fandom Studies.


Peer-Reviewed Conference Presentations


Gatto, K. & Zhao, Y. (April, 2023) Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo: The Disney Magic Phenomenon from 100 Years of Fans. Presented at the Popular/American Culture Association Conference. San Antonio, TX.

Gatto, K. (February, 2023) Not So Happily Ever After: A Thematic Analysis of Tweets from the Premiere of Disney’s Enchantment. Presented at the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference. Albuquerque, NM.

Gatto, K. & Douglass, P. (October, 2022) The Lost Generation: The Effect of Disney Animated- Film Nostalgia on Adult Disney Identification. Presented on a roundtable on Fandom & Identity at the 2022 Fan Studies Network North America Conference. Virtual.


Gatto, K. & Perez, C. (October, 2022) It all started with a mouse: Intergenerational nostalgia as a facilitator for brand loyalty and experience. Presented to the Disney Studies division at the 2022 Northeast Popular Culture Association Conference. Virtual.


Essary, C., Gatto, K., Wang, S., Goni, A. (March, 2022) The final frontier: A content analysis of Twitter content regarding manned spaceflight. Presented to the Communication Technology division at the 2022 AEJMC Midwinter conference. Norman, OK.

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